About Us

SpeakWithDoc Inc is a Health Information Company created by Physicians. The creation of this company was in response to the need  for accurate, relevant and concise information to be provided outside the confines of the doctors’ office.  With more people spending more time on the internet,  access to specific health information , related to personal conditions has become more relevant.  While there appears to be a lot of health information available, most is irrelevant to each person and may cause more psychological harm than benefit.  Health information must be filtered for relevance; this can only be done by a healthcare professional.

SpeakWithDoc Inc, located in Lewes, specializes in the online marketing of healthcare information, products, and services.  We take pride in delivering to our clients the most relevant content in keeping with current trends generally, and the most accurate and specific information, in keeping with their personal needs.  Having designed the delivery of our information on our experiences as physicians, we pay particular attention to the PRIVACY of our site in our interactions with our clients.  It is for that reason that all request for, and the sharing of personal information is handled on our secure site with 2048 bit encryption(twice the 1024 standard currently in use).

It is our firm belief that your health is your greatest asset.  We also believe that having the correct health information at your earliest convenience will empower you to make better health choices and therefore preserve your health.  Your health is inextricably linked to your wealth!  Preserve it!

Our commitment to the provisions of this service cannot be overstated, as the needs of our clients certainly cannot be understated.

We look forward to sharing with you,

The SpeakWithDoc Team

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